5 Tips to build your brand (even if you’re an introvert)

When it comes to your Brand, are you feeling unsure? Just to be clear, you DO know what your business is about and who you serve. But somehow, something gets lost in translation when communicating about it. And consequently, your concept can still feel a bit vague.. 

Here is the thing though: this is something lots of (gifted) entrepreneurs struggle with. Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and running around in mind circles to figure it all out by themselves. 

So how to tackle this then?

The thing is, you are missing CLARITY. In the first place to yourself, and therewith to your ideal clients. How can you expect them ‘to get’ what your brand is all about, if you don’t have it crystal clear yourself ?  

Clarity on what it exáctly is that makes your brand tick. The flavours of it’s personality and vision on the world. The things that make your brand stand out, in a natural way. Your unique value, which no one else has because no brand is the same on the inside. 

Now you just need to get it out 😊  

And as I love things to be practical, I’m going to share 5 tips to start building your brand. From it’s inner uniqueness, turning that into your biggest strength. 

Tip 1: Reveal the personality of your Brand

In a world where things are going so fast, and everything seems to be possible, we more and more are longing for connection. Brands which feel ´real´ are thriving. People buy from people, so it´s really important to show the human side of your brand. When writing post, write it like talking to a friend. When sharing images, don’t polish them too much. And above all, be very clear on your personality. Is your brand an innocent type who wants to save the world, then your tone of voice and colors should match this. Or maybe your brand more of a rebel who wants to change how we do things? Think about this. What’s the innate personality of your Brand and how can you radiate it. Don´t be afraid to expose what your Brand truly stand for. It´s your biggest power. Because it makes your brand feel authentic and real. A way of making a true connection.       

Tip 2: Connect to the deepest desires of your customers 

Every business is built around solving problems and meeting the desires of your audience. The better you truly understand the problems, struggles and desires of your clients, the better you can connect your communication to that. So market your business in a way that actually makes sense to them. 

Tip 3: Claim your sweet spot in the market 

In today’s markets, there are so many players out there, it´s really hard to cut through the noise. Everybody screaming for attention, and they all look-alike. I believe, instead of blending in, you should try to stand out. Not being afraid to be different, and embracing your uniqueness. I already pointed out that every brand is different on the inside, but often it just doesn´t show. If you want to catch people’s attention, you need to uncover what makes you different. 

Tip 4: Picture not perfect 

Posts with these pretty perfect pictures… You know what? I do not really believe what I’m seeing. It feels too polished for me. I normally feel more drawn to authentic pictures, where you can truly see someone’s character. Or feel that it’s a real life situation, not perfectionated till every little detail is ‘perfect’. And with me, people are more and more longing for ‘realness’. So stop polishing and start showing your true vision on things, your edges and imperfections. Thát will make you connect. 

Tip 5: Be visible

Deep down inside myself, I’m a geeky introvert. I never really wanted to put myself out there (online), because deep down I was afraid of being judged. But you know what? If you want to help others with your awesome services, you DO need to get your voice out there. And if you want to make that important connection with people, you DO need to show up yourself. There is a reason why ‘personal branding’ is booming these days. 

So get your picture out there and dare to speak up. You will be surprised by how quickly you will truly connect. There will always be lovers and haters, but just focus on the ones who feel inspired by you. They are also the ones who will become your biggest fans (and ultimately your clients).      

My own brand is all about finding uniqueness, making things simple but significant, and entrepreneurship with clarity and focus.  

With this article, I honestly hope that I was able to give you some better insight on ‘the brand thing’. Please drop your comment below, as I always love to learn more about you.

Cheers! And have a nice day

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