How to stand out from the crowd (without screaming..)

Ahhhhhh competition is fierce! There is just so much noise out there, it feels like impossible to get noticed. 

To catch the attention of your ideal client, to be seen and recognized, it can be such a challenge.. Nowadays more than ever, people are starting up their own businesses and consequently it is really hard to stand out from the crowd. 

It feels so frustrating, because you just KNOW your service is great and you can really help people forward. But somehow you struggle to get the attention your Brand deserves (and yes, you are a Brand, it’s not only for the Coca-Cola’s in this world). Ohhhh why can’t people just SEE what they are missing out on?  

What are you doing wrong?! 

I can tell you right now, you are not the only one. And you know what? Screaming even louder is not the solution. Blending in even less.. 

Today I’m going to show you a very simple way to stand out from the crowd, without screaming. It’s so simple, you can’t even believe that’s the solution to your problem. And once you are aware of it, you’ll start to recognise how other brands already successfully do it. I call it the ‘P-Strategy’. 

The P for Personality, Promise and Positioning. Personality to attract the right audience, Promise to connect to their innate desires and Positioning to claim your sweet spot in the market which is YOURS-ONLY. 


The first impression people get from you and your brand, is normally based on if they actually feel something when your Brand passes by. As people buy from people, it’s key to show the human side of your brand. 


If people are not sticking around your Brand, it’s because they haven’t immediately identified why they should care. They need to see your value in a split second. If you complicate your marketing and communication, your audience will have a difficult time understanding your value. Be clear on your mission and connect it to their deepest desires. So it will make both sense to you, ánd to them. 


Be really clear on ‘why you’  (and not someone else), because this is your biggest strength. And the good thing is, if you go from your inner powers, it will not even cost you any effort. Normally what you are really good at, is something what goes all natural by you. 

Now being aware of these three elements, It’s a matter of finding the perfect interaction in between these three elements. And the first step is to get crystal clear on what your brand is all about and what makes you unique

If you want others to see your value, you need to clearly see it yourself first. And this is where it mostly goes wrong. The brands that don’t succeed in making that important connection, are the ones who want to say too many things at the same time. Resulting in a brand which feels like all over the place.      

The better you know what your brand stands for, its key message and revealing it’s true (and therewith catchy) personality, the more clear it will be to others too. Expressing your brand in a way that truly represents you, and making sense to them.  

It’s time to get clarity, so you can really connect with your audience and convert them into (paying!) customers. 

With this article, I honestly hope that I was able to help you during your entrepreneur journey. Please drop your comment below, as I always love to learn more about you. 

Cheers! And have a nice day

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