The best way to attract clients like a magnet

You´ve worked really hard to set up your own business. Now finally you can enrich the world with your passion! But sadly your sales aren´t what you were hoping for.. How can this be? 

You did check all the boxes with regard to Marketing your business. Like being present on social media, having a great website, writing posts and blogs. So what is going wrong?! Why do people still not seem to care? 

You feel like all the effort you are doing is useless. And sometimes even doubt your own service. Or worse, doubting yourself. Am I good enough?

Feeling insecure, you wonder: ´how do others succeed? ´. So you start looking at how they are doing it. And their success stories makes you feel even more insecure.. Now doubting your own view on things. 

Hmm, what about if you are going to try to be just a bit more like them? Hoping it will give you a stronger positioning. But actually, the only thing it does, is losing your own view and personality. OMG! The entrepreneur process can feel so overwhelming and lonely…

Maybe it´s better to throw the towel in the ring. Go back to working for a boss. Feeling safe and less vulnerable. But still… you are not ready to give up. You just knów your business has true potential. Aaarrggggggg this is so frustrating. Because your service is so good! If people would just give it a chance they´d see how big of an impact it could have on their lives. So what´s the big secret of being successful? Others can do it, why not you?   

Dear entrepreneur (to be). The thing is: you are simply not making a true connection to your ideal clients. Connect to their emotions. So they will stop scrolling, and start paying attention to your Brand. 

There are three steps to take to do so. And every step needs to be taken very carefully, because they are all related. In this article I´m going to reveal the secret of each step. Are you ready?

Step 1: Reveal the personality of your Brand to attract clients

In a world where things are going so fast, and everything seems to be possible, we more and more are longing for connection. Brands which feel ´real´ are thriving. People buy from people, so it´s really important to show the human side of your brand. When writing post, write it like talking to a friend. When sharing images, don’t polish them too much. And above all, be very clear on your personality. Is your brand an innocent type who wants to save the world, then your tone of voice and colors should match this. Or maybe your brand more of a rebel who wants to change how we do things? Think about this. What´s the innate personality of your Brand and how can you radiate it. Don´t be afraid to expose what your Brand truly stand for. It´s your biggest power. Because it makes your brand feel authentic and real. A way of making a true connection. 

Step 2: Connect to the deepest problem of your customers to attract clients 

Every business is build around solving problems. The better you truly understand the problems, struggles and desires of your clients, the better you can connect your communication to that. They will feel it´s truly about them. So market your business in a way that actually makes sense to them. It´s not about you, it´s all about them.

Step 3: Claim your sweet spot in the market to attract clients

In todays markets, there are so many players out there, it´s really hard to cut through the noise. Everybody screaming for attention, and they all look-alike. I believe, instead of blending in, you should try to stand out. Not being afraid to be different. 

And actually very brand is different on the inside, but often it doesn´t show. If you want to catch people’s attention, you need to uncover what makes you different. 

If you´re a dentist, be more specific. Maybe you can position yourself as the specialist in a great whitening method. Selling beauty instead of tooth health. Claiming your sweet spot in the market. 

In running my own day-to-day business, I´m helping entrepreneurs to position themselves in a catchy way. And I developed a program in which I go in-depth on all of these 3 pillars. Discovering and defining what your business is truly all about and how to translate that into a smart positioning. So people will stop scrolling, giving your business the attention it deserves and feeling connected to your awesome Brand. 

With this article, I honestly hope that I was able to help you during your entrepreneur journey. Please drop your comment below, as I always love to learn more about you. 

Cheers! And have a nice day  

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