Typically me

I’m really good at getting to the core of things. Pinpointing exáctly what makes a Brand tick and how it makes sense to people.

I have a vibrant personality with a positive GO-DO attitude.

Always curious to learn more, I read a lot of books, magazines and blogs. My way to relax myself and still my hunger to know all about the latest going on.

My professional background? With Master of Business sience in my pocket, I always worked in the Marketing field for international companies. From concept and product development up to TV commercials and fairs. I can say I did it all and just love the market dynamics.

Meet my values


Only Brands which feel ‘real’ and talk in their own voice, are able to truly connect to people. Don’t polish things too much.


Complexity distracts you from what to focus on and people will have a difficult time understanding your value. I believe everything about your brand and communication should be simple, but super significant.


Having an open mind, generating ideas and turning these into reality, I just love it! But let’s do it in a strategic way, so they will not get lost in (mind) chaos.

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