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Ready to pinpoint the core of your Business ?

Want to build a convincing brand with focus?

If you started your own business (or are about to), then chances are you feel overwhelmed and a bit lost in complexity. So many things to think of and so many possibilities. You are running around in (mind) circles, being all over the place with your business and brand.

You know you need a brand to get clarity and focus. And moreover, to connect to your ideal client. But HOW to build one?! Where to start in the marketing jungle? And how is it possible that everyone else seems to have it all figured out already? Making you feel even more insecure..

I decided to help entrepreneurs forward. This is why I have put all my marketing experience and knowledge together in a simplified and practical e-course.

To give you FOCUS with a step-by-step structure

To save you the time to figure everything out all by yourself

To make you feel relieved and confident about your business

Simple but Significant

“ I believe your brand should be simple but significant."

In todays markets there is so much noise out there, you only have a split-second to catch people’s attention. You do not want your brand to be all over the place. So you just need to keep it simple, but significant. And determine what it exàctly is, your brand stands for. It’s key-message, which really resonates with your ideal client. Claiming your unique spot in the market.

I can even say that I believe your brand strategy is your most valuable business asset. It’s your compass, guiding you in all of your communication and decision makings. Giving you focus and clarity when running your day-to-day business.

About me

With a master in Business Management in the pocket, and over 15 years of corporate marketing experience, I now dedicate myself to simplify the entrepreneurlife. Why? Because I’m good at cutting through complexity and getting to the heart of things. Making things simple, but significant.



Explore your core


Connect to attract


Stand out in the crowd

After the course you will ..

HAVE CLARITY - because you have pinpointed the core of your business

GET FOCUS - through your brand you now know how to talk to your audience in a connective way

BE AWARE - of your unique selling points and positioning

BE ABLE - to confidently run your business with fun

What’s included



1 Startup story

2 Brand Values

3 Archetypes

4 Characteristics

5 Expression



6 Ideal client

7 Problems

8 Solution




9 Competition

10 Differentiation

11 Mission & Vision

12 Into practice



Twelve video classes which are one-on-one related to the assignments in your workbook


A full colour workbook send to you personally with 12 practical assignments + clear examples 

What others say

” I was having a difficult time verbalizing the mission and vision of my business. I felt I wasn’t explaining myself right. As I wanted to enter an established market, so I also needed my differentiators to be clear. The process was overwhelming and my message lacked focus.
Josette’s Brandkey course broke down the process in easy doable steps. By following the course, I was able to define the what, how and why of my business.
Josette’s expertise in branding & marketing and her ability to explain material in a clear concise manner, makes her course essential for all start-ups.
Where once I was anxious and uncomfortable talking about my business, I am now confident and excited to speak with industry leaders and attend networking events. I cannot recommend Josette’s brand Strategy course enough. “

Missy Ziegler

New business owner in bathroom accessories

” Creating my brand was my goal, but I couldn’t find the right guide until I met Josette. I found working with her course easy & comforting. Her knowledgeable and fun approach on how to create a brand strategy was fantastic! Helping me to understand each step from start to end.  The course was the perfect tool to get my business idea working. It was a great experience and I would recommend her course to anyone who wants to create their own brand. “

Clara Pagani

Founder of Clara Accounting

” I struggled putting my business together. I had so many things I wanted to say, so much input I was able to give, but I was missing a strong positioning. After attending the course, I am now much more clear on what my business is all about. I feel confident that I now have a directive line to follow and boundaries so I will not loose track. “

Nadege Bourdin

Founder of Expat resources

” With dedication and focus, Josette had a stimulating impact on me through her passion and straightness. During the course I gained insights in what drives my business and how I can shape my work. Josette’s message is simple and strong. Keep focussed on why you are doing what you are doing, and go from there. She is a real crystalline thinker! I definitely recommend her course to anyone looking for focus. “

Silke Philipps

Personal coach

This course is for you if you ..


.. have a business idea or started to entrepreneur


.. are looking for clarity around your business and brand


.. are ready to do some business soul searching and make big steps

Let me contact you and explore options!

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