Build your catchy brand

♦ Reveal what makes your brand truly unique

♦ Get focus on your messaging

♦ Stand out from the crowd in a natural way

Want to attract clients online, without being too salesy?

“ If you want people to see your true value, you need to clearly see it yourself first.“

I am tired of seeing most sales going to the person or brand who screams the loudest. Time to change that!

Competition is fierce but screaming louder isn´t the solution.

I believe in positioning your own unique value in a clear but connective way. Thát is when the magic happens. Your magic.
In a split second people will ‘get’ what your brand is all about, and how it resonates to them. 

So especially for you, I have build a 3 step program, in which we will discover exáctly what your brand is all about and how to strategically position it. Your mission, your voice, your brand out there. To make a real impact on the world.

This is how it works

We are going to reveal the flavours of your brand personality, and connect it to your ideal clients’ deepest desires. So you can communicate and market yourself in a way, that truly resonates with them. Going from your inner strengths and uniqueness.


Step 1


Define your brand Personality, customer Promise and your niche.


Step 2


Learn how to set up your social sales style & strategy in an effective way.


Step 3


 Make content which represents your brand ánd connects to your ideal client.

“ It’s time to intrigue with your unique and get leads online“

Small-med size business

team pack
  • Step 1 – BRAND CLARITY
  • ________________________________
  • Brand & Sales strategy intake
  • 1 hour video training
  • 5 x 2,5h group sessions spread over 2 weeks time
  • Evaluation after implementation

What others say

I was entering an established market, so I needed my differentiatiors to be clear. Where once I was anxious and uncomfortable talking about my business, I am now confident and excited to speak with industry leaders and attend networking events. I cannot recommend Josette’s course enough. “

Missy Ziegler

New business owner in bathroom accessories

” I am now much more clear on what my business is all about. I feel confident that I now have a directive line to follow and boundaries so I will not loose track. “

Nadege Bourdin

Founder of Expat resources

” During the training I gained insights in what drives my business and how I can shape my work. Josette’s message is simple and strong. Keep focussed on why you are doing what you are doing, and go from there. She is a real crystalline thinker! I definitely recommend her course to anyone looking for focus. “

Silke Philipps

Personal coach

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